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Long-term success requires transformation. To achieve this, leaders must successfully establish a north star, create a road map on how to get there and embody the attitudes, actions and behaviors that define the organization. When Purpose, Strategy and Culture work together in harmony, they become powerful forces for change; we call this The Change Triad.

The Magenta Mix offers a series of highly interactive executive workshops to help leaders leverage the power of The Change Triad.

Our consulting:

We bring a contemporary approach to change management.

We believe that you are the expert in your business, and at The Magenta Mix, we are the experts in leading you through the process of harmonizing your purpose, strategy, and culture. Whether it‚Äôs time to transform your mission, vision, and values into one clear purpose, update your strategy to meet the demands of a changing marketplace, or create an intentional culture that captures the discretionary effort of each and every contributor, we can help. Our approach is interactive, collaborative, and ensures that outcomes have the right balance of intellectual understanding and emotional connection to capture the hearts and minds of your entire company. 

Specifically, we help you to:

  • Identify the current state.
  • Clearly articulate a well-defined Purpose and establish your north star.
  • Create a Strategy to bridge the gaps between your current state and your north star.
  • Define the attitudes, actions, and behaviors that create a Culture that brings out the discretionary efforts of all.
  • Ensure that leaders at every level are great at Storytelling to engage the hearts and minds of every team member in the Purpose, Strategy, and Culture and their role in bringing them to life.

Our workshops:

Purpose: Why We Do What We Do

The Purpose Workshop focuses on creating a clear and compelling organizational purpose. A well-defined Purpose is the first step in aligning stakeholders, enhancing employee engagement and customer loyalty, and driving sustainable growth. Leaders come away with a defined Purpose Statement and supporting messages to bring to the organization.

Key elements include:

  • What is Purpose?
  • Why Purpose Matters
  • Crafting the Purpose Statement
  • Refining and Clarifying
  • Aligning Purpose with Organizational Goals
  • Commitments and Action Planning
  • Creating a Compelling Purpose Story
  • Communicating the Purpose Statement
  • Integration and Sustainability

Strategy: Building a Roadmap to Tomorrow

The Strategy Workshop emphasizes how to get where you want to go. Leaders create and align around a customized business strategy during this immersive experience and walk away with a blueprint that ignites growth and drives profitability.

Key elements include:

  • Understanding Our Current State
  • Defining Our Desired Future State
  • Gap Analysis
  • Crafting the Strategic Plan
  • Identifying Strategic Priorities
  • Aligning Our Strategy with Organizational Goals
  • Commitment and Action Planning
  • Communicating the Strategic Plan
  • Integration and Sustainability

Culture: Shaping Our DNA

The Culture Workshop explores the role of consistent attitudes and behaviors in driving performance. Culture guides employee actions, fosters collaboration, inspires innovation and influences decision-making. This workshop helps organizations design an intentional culture that aligns with their strategy and purpose and drives long-term success. Leaders walk away with a fully articulated culture, equipped to be role models.

Key elements include:

  • What is Culture?
  • How Does Culture Support Strategy?
  • Current Culture
  • Defining the Desired Culture
  • Crafting the Culture Statement
  • Aligning Culture with Values and Behaviors
  • Commitment and Action Planning
  • Communicating the Culture
  • Integration and Sustainability

Storytelling for Leaders: Engaging Hearts & Minds

The Storytelling for Leaders Workshop focuses on driving organizational change by connecting to the hearts and minds of people. Leaders who master the art of storytelling can captivate customers and employees and accelerate sales, productivity, employee engagement, understanding and organizational change. Discover the secrets to employee and customer engagement through storytelling.

Key elements include:

  • Understand How Stories are the Most¬†Effective Way to Engage and Connect¬†People
  • Explore the Business Benefits of¬†Great Storytelling
  • Discover the Secrets to Being a¬†Great Story Teller
  • Practice Crafting and Telling¬†Compelling Stories
  • Apply the Framework and Principles¬†to Your Everyday Work
  • Learn How to Create a Culture of¬†Storytelling for Sustaining Engagement

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