Get ready to shatter the status quo. At the Magenta Mix, we help leaders and organizations cut through the clutter to clearly see current challenges, envision future possibilities, and identify the priorities to get there. Together, we redefine success.  

Our Expertise Areas:

Whether you are the leader of a startup or a Fortune 500 organization, our services will help you and your team get clear, aligned, and moving forward with a strategic plan. Specifically, we help you to:

We believe that you are the expert in your business, and at The Magenta Mix, we are the experts in leading you through the process of harmonizing your purpose, strategy, and culture.

Every leader needs a leader. We coach leaders at all levels to develop the mindset, skillset, and behaviors necessary to reach their potential and effectively drive business results.

We offer three fast-paced, fun, interactive, content-packed keynote speeches (and companion workshops) for groups of 30 to 3,000. Gary Magenta is an expert storyteller who shares his research, writings and experience in Leadership, Customer Experience, and Innovation through humor and real-life stories.